The Jacket

07.06.17 fashion los angeles

Yup, hi, still me. The me that wears clothes borrowed from the boys.


The New Neutral

06.28.17 fashion los angeles

Red somehow has become a staple in my summer wardrobe. Coming from the girl who barely wears color.


Dear Dad

06.15.17 journal los angeles

Dear Dad, Thank you for inspiring me. You’ve always had a creative mind and a curious heart, and you’ve passed that along to me.


Tuck It

06.11.17 fashion los angeles

Just a thought on hair. As someone who tends to do the same thing to my hair and makeup everyday (and it’s always the thing that requires the least effort), it’s much more preferable to to just add on one new accessory or one new beauty product.


Summer Suiting

06.05.17 fashion los angeles

I’ve started building my wardrobes around essential items that I love and will never tire of. And then the other pieces can come and go (again with the minimalist wardrobe).