Postcards from Morocco

02.07.18 fashion morocco

Sending you postcards from my time in Morocco. Of the harmonious muted tones. Of the natural materials that look more beautiful with age.


The Alhambra

02.02.18 travel granada, spain

Let me tell you: Southern Spain is a dream come true. For the type that loves a little less perfection and a little more rawness (me), it’s everything you’ve ever wanted.


Between Silk and Stone

01.24.18 beauty Los Angeles

Three fragrances, between silk and stone, that compliment each other beautifully, that each have their own story.


Some Thoughts

01.24.18 journal madrid

I’ve been hesitant about writing about the new year. I started off last year with such strong expectations and intentions.


Gucci Bloom

12.05.17 beauty, fashion los angeles

Let me just start this off by saying I was never one for floral fragrances. Or floral anything to be honest. I was always against anything that seemed overly feminine. But fast forward a few years where I start wearing dresses and florals and such, and then enter Gucci Bloom.