I have always had a wild and adventurous spirit. I never silenced that desire to learn, to continually reinvent, to seek and never really to fully find. I have let curiosity run wild and it has brought me here, a faint smile forever on my lips.

I started blogging for no particular reason except that it pushed me to learn more of what excited me. I was able to explore new hobbies Рphotography, fashion, writing, coding, graphic design Рat my own pace with no other motives, just pure enjoyment. Wherever I was in the world, from university in Canada to internships in Europe, I would blog whenever I had a free moment. I graduated with an architecture degree in 2013 and moved straight to New York City and was lucky enough to sign with an agency, turning this passion project into a career, something I will forever be thankful for.

Just Another Fashion Blog will always remain what it was for me when I started 6 years ago Рa collection of thoughts, ideas, and inspirations. Just another curious mind on a continuous journey. Just me and you, exploring together. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for being part of my story.