Be My Valentine

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photos by marcel @
I’m wearing:
Ray Ban sunglasses. Ashley B jacket. H&M Skirt. Elizabeth and James sweater. Coach heels. Reiss bag.

When Marcel and I first met we had no idea what we were in for. I was not even living on the same continent at the time we first made eyes at each other one night in NYC. When I headed back to Europe and we kept in touch I knew there was something there, something worth exploring. So I decided to intern in NYC for a month to see what it could be – either way, it was fun! With no expectations, just a goal of exploration and bliss, we spent one month getting to know each other without the added pressure. I had to leave again after the month was over anyways to finish my last semester in Canada. But the long distance ended up not stopping us. Marcel asked me to be his girlfriend one weekend in Canada, and after my semester was over I moved straight into his apartment in New York. And we’ve been inseparable ever since, just proof that sometimes you have to take a chance and leap into the unknown, because you never know where you might end up.

Now it’s been exactly 3 years since we first made eyes, and that’s a long time to be with anyone, so yes, I’m going to be honest, you do have to keep things interesting. At this point you know everything about the other person, especially for us, since we’ve been living together for most of that. So we do what we did at the beginning of our relationship – we date and we flirt. Plus we get each other little gifts that remind the other that we’re thinking about each other. Beyond the traditional gift of chocolate (we both love our sweets), we both love buying new sunglasses, so it’s always such a fun gift. And what better place than Sunglass Hut, where theres so many options, in different prices. And we talk, we work things out, and we try again. Because if there’s one thing I learned, keeping your feelings to yourself never leads anywhere. Talking resolves things, and putting in that extra effort will keep things alive. And a gift of sunglasses never hurt.


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  1. LuAnn says on 02.11.16

    Absolutely love the coat – the appearance of a high low hem, and neutral colors make this outfit perfect. Love it!