Between Silk and Stone

01.24.18 beauty Los Angeles

Three fragrances, between silk and stone, that compliment each other beautifully, that each have their own story. Introducing the new collection by Philippe Starck, a vision born out of childhood dreams, fueled with curiosity, audacity, sensitivity, elegance and generosity.

1. Peau De Soie (Skin of Silk)

“I’m a man who is passionate about women, especially my wife; I’m fascinated by their mysteriousness. I also know that I will never understand them, that between men and women beauty exists at the heart of an undefined, paradoxical space where to find each other they have to let go, to give up a little of their femininity or masculinity.” – Philippe Starck

2. Peau D’Ailleurs (Skin of elsewhere)

“The idea is to give a masculine slant to Peau de Soie. What would a man be like if he did not wish for that? I am a man who is proud to acknowledge his feminine side; I attribute my main qualities to it. I wanted a men’s perfume that reveals this femininity, that shadowy area where everything melds, without anything being lost.” – Philippe Starck

3. Peau de Pierre (Skin of Stone)

“I wanted a perfume that you can’t remember because it doesn’t exist, that you can’t name because words grow silent when you want to talk about the perfume of a happy memory, the perfume of the shadow, of the cosmic scent of emptiness. The idea was to grasp the ungraspable, to explore abstraction, to make the invisible visible, to make the air vibrate. This unending territory transports us into the total unknown, to that far-off place that sends us back into our unconscious, to pure spirit.” – Philippe Starck
photos by caylon hackwith

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