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04.08.17 beauty los angeles

My newest obsession? Scouted by Sephora. A curated selection of unique brands, rare products, and beauty secrets, it’s just what we all need.


Stay Hydrated

03.27.17 beauty

Okay guys, let’s talk skincare. Not something I talk about often in this space, but something I’ve been focussing a lot on lately in my personal routine.


Double Je

09.20.16 beauty

I wake up in the morning and the first thing I look forward to is coffee, black. I throw on a suit with a silk lace cami underneath, paired with black stilettos.


A Feminine Touch

08.23.16 beauty

Alright so, I’m sure you’ve gathered, but I’m not the most girly of girls. I love menswear inspired clothes, throwing oversized blazers over just about everything, and I’d pick loafers over heels any day.