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Between Silk and Stone

01.24.18 beauty Los Angeles

Three fragrances, between silk and stone, that compliment each other beautifully, that each have their own story.


Gucci Bloom

12.05.17 beauty, fashion los angeles

Let me just start this off by saying I was never one for floral fragrances. Or floral anything to be honest. I was always against anything that seemed overly feminine. But fast forward a few years where I start wearing dresses and florals and such, and then enter Gucci Bloom.



04.08.17 beauty los angeles

My newest obsession? Scouted by Sephora. A curated selection of unique brands, rare products, and beauty secrets, it’s just what we all need.


Stay Hydrated

03.27.17 beauty

Okay guys, let’s talk skincare. Not something I talk about often in this space, but something I’ve been focussing a lot on lately in my personal routine.