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Dear Dad

06.15.17 journal los angeles

Dear Dad, Thank you for inspiring me. You’ve always had a creative mind and a curious heart, and you’ve passed that along to me.


The New New

06.02.17 journal los angeles

Welcome to the new Just Another Fashion Blog. It was high time for a refresh.


Bittersweet Goodbyes

04.03.16 journal

I’ve been avoiding writing this post for quite some time. It’s hard to put some things in words, especially those things dearest to you.


Be My Valentine

02.11.16 fashion, journal

When Marcel and I first met we had no idea what we were in for. I was not even living on the same continent at the time we first made eyes at each other one night in NYC.


The Q

02.10.16 journal

I love walking. That’s what I love so much about New York – how much walking you get done in a day without even trying. But now that I’m spending half my time in LA, I find I have to make a conscious effort to actually walk while I’m here. And my secret? The Fossil Q Dreamer activity tracker.