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The Q

02.10.16 journal

I love walking. That’s what I love so much about New York – how much walking you get done in a day without even trying. But now that I’m spending half my time in LA, I find I have to make a conscious effort to actually walk while I’m here. And my secret? The Fossil Q Dreamer activity tracker.


New Resolutions

01.04.16 journal

I feel like New Years resolutions get a bad rep. I mean, sure, if you only make resolutions once a year, don’t stick with them past two weeks, and then forget they ever existed. But I love fresh starts.


Giving Godiva

12.23.15 journal

When have you ever been disappointed by a gift filled with GODIVA chocolates?


Baking with Godiva

12.22.15 journal

Holiday season – my favorite time of year to bake! And it turns out that my favorite hot cocoa from GODIVA is the number one ingredient for many recipes, which is a win win for everybody because you know that it will just turn out amazingly.


My Day with Eres

12.21.15 journal

Lingerie is such a beautiful part of women’s wardrobes, so why hide it? I mean, if you’ve got it, flaunt it, right?