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The Alhambra

02.02.18 travel granada, spain

Let me tell you: Southern Spain is a dream come true. For the type that loves a little less perfection and a little more rawness (me), it’s everything you’ve ever wanted.



12.02.17 travel hong kong

When I was studying architecture, one of my favorite ways of designing was experiential design. That is what the Tuve Hotel in Hong Kong has truly perfected.


The Line Hotel

08.23.17 fashion, travel los angeles

Nothing really tops the Instagram-worthiness of The Line Hotel. I’m sure you’ve seen thousands of beautiful photographs, each one being more stunning than the next.


Palihouse Santa Monica

08.22.17 fashion, travel los angeles

So, I’m not sure if you know this about me, but I love hotels. I love traveling, exploring new places, surrounding myself with a whole new environment, and getting inspired in new spaces.


Weekend in Tucson

04.26.17 travel tucson, arizona

Describe your perfect weekend getaway. A time to relax, eat some delicious food (dessert included), read a book, get a massage, spend some time in the beautiful outdoors, but also time indoors catching up on some much needed sleep.