Colour by Numbers

03.31.17 fashion los angeles

photos by emari traffie
I’m wearing:
Ted Baker dress. Ted Baker heels.  

Colour by numbers. How do you start? With a fresh white page, ready for color to be strewn about, keeping it as minimal as you wish, or as colorful as can be. And it’s as easy as 1-2-3. Introducing the Ted Baker Colour by Numbers collection, a simple formula for everyday style. Explore away.


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  1. Kai Li says on 04.03.17

    Wow, Lisa! You had me at the all white outfit!! Love how you paired the colorful heels 😉 Eye-catching!

  2. Priya says on 04.05.17

    I love your white outfit Love how you paired the colorful heels and sunglass.