11.30.17 fashion valle de guadalupe, mexico

As some of you may have seen, I went on a surprise girl gang adventure last week with The Frilly. Me, Tania, and Pam had no clue where we were going or what we were going to do. We were told to pack for whichever climate (shoes only, as we had picked out some clothes beforehand), take our passports, and get ready for an adventure. And where did we end up?! In Valle de Guadalupe Mexico! We all packed into a van, and off we went to the most beautiful and dreamy place I’ve ever been.

But wait, hold up, I’ve forgotten to talk about The Frilly. Honestly, I’m so incredibly excited about this brand, you have no idea. It’s customizable clothing. And when I mean customizable, I mean customizable. From fabric to color to length to collar to stitching to hem to buttons to pockets, you name it. And you get to see every change you make instantly online.  It’s SO much fun! Then it’s shipped to you, you try it on, and if you don’t like it, you return it. No more mass-produced clothes where you’ll be wearing the same dress as half your friends. Now you can design your own closet. And it works! The fit is amazing, the fabrics are beautiful, and it’s all amazingly affordable. The whole concept and execution is seriously flawless. Learn more here.

Okay, back to our trip. Imagine this. Three girls (and their super cool entourage) in the most beautiful resort on a vineyard in Mexico with Grant Legan (the legend) to capture it all. The best food you could possibly imagine (all fresh and from the surrounding local farms). Horseback riding, beautiful landscapes, delicious wine, sunsets that make your heart flutter (okay now I’m just bragging). Okay, but seriously, the most beautiful trip with the most beautiful people. But I’ll let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

look #1
The Frilly Marianne Dress.

look #2
The Frilly Shift Dress. The Frilly Hera Robe Coat.

look #3
The Frilly Tavi Poncho.

look #4
The Frilly Christy Button Up. The Frilly Zoe Slim Pant.

look #5
The Frilly Uma Blazer. The Frilly Shrimpton SkirtThe Frilly Christy Button Up.

look #6
The Frilly Christy Button Up.

look #7
The Frilly Nora Robe Dress.

photos by grant legan

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