Summer Mood

06.04.17 fashion los angeles

It’s June, which means I’m in a full-on summer mood. Crop tops, long messy hair, sandals, muted tones, and perma-squinty-eyes.


The New New

06.02.17 journal los angeles

Welcome to the new Just Another Fashion Blog. It was high time for a refresh.


All Dressed Up

05.08.17 fashion los angeles

90s style is here to stay! I’m super excited to have partnered up with BHLDN to show a few ways to wear some 90s inspired looks.


Weekend in Tucson

04.26.17 travel tucson, arizona

Describe your perfect weekend getaway. A time to relax, eat some delicious food (dessert included), read a book, get a massage, spend some time in the beautiful outdoors, but also time indoors catching up on some much needed sleep.



04.08.17 beauty los angeles

My newest obsession? Scouted by Sephora. A curated selection of unique brands, rare products, and beauty secrets, it’s just what we all need.