12.02.17 travel hong kong

When I was studying architecture, one of my favorite ways of designing was experiential design. That is what the Tuve Hotel in Hong Kong has truly perfected. Through materials, light, and sound, the way you experience the hotel is fully designed and becomes a story on it’s own. From light outside, to complete darkness inside the communal spaces, back to light in private spaces, a general calmness, and the use of raw materials throughout, this is an experience you’ll want to have. Most notably, a shower made fully of marble (that’s bigger than my first apartment in New York), though at first confusing, becomes apparent after your first shower. Even a shower becomes an event, a conscious experience of water and cleansing. You become aware of your surroundings, of the space your in. As architecture should be.

Tuve. Hong Kong. 16 Tsing Fung St.

photos by caylon hackwith

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